city and guilds qualified electrician

The Importance of Choosing a City & Guilds Qualified Electrician

In any industry, there are professionals with the training to carry out skilled work and others that are woefully under qualified. One of the easiest ways to determine if the electrician you’re planning to use is qualified to complete the work is to determine if they are City & Guilds qualified.

Why City & Guilds Qualifications Are Important

City & Guilds is an institution that provides access to courses and qualifications for a wide variety of careers. From school leavers to those changing career, City & Guilds ensures that the person has the correct training and qualifications to start their career.

In the construction industry, it is difficult to even gain entry to a work site without a qualification. Sites throughout the UK have strict regulations concerning who is allowed on site, and while a tradesperson may have a wealth of skills, without the correct qualifications, they will find themselves barred from the industry. 

A City & Guilds qualification provides an accessible route to obtaining further qualifications, experience, and skills in a number of careers including becoming a plumber, carpenter or electrician. While it is not the only qualification recognised by the industry, City & Guilds is recognised around the world. 

City & Guilds Qualified Electricians

The City & Guilds electrician qualification ensures that the technician is up to date with all the latest industry regulations. From safe use and operation of electrical equipment to wiring electrical systems, the qualification ensures that the holder is familiar with the current standards set by the British Standards Institute. 

As a practicing electrician, technicians must comply with all the regulations for electrical work, and a City & Guilds qualification is designed to provide progression in the role and shows that the holder has developed all the skills needed to carry out the role and responsibilities that are associated with the electrotechnical industry. 

A Solid Foundation

While many trades including being an electrician are based on skills and experience, a City & Guilds qualified electrician has shown that they also have the technical knowledge to ensure that they can complete any work safely and in compliance with regulations. While many electricians may continue their learning to achieve other qualifications, a City & Guilds provides a solid foundation for further study or practical experience.

So, while some electricians may have gone the apprentice route and learned their trade from a more experienced professional, a City & Guilds qualified electrician has shown their commitment to keeping abreast of the latest regulations and has documented proof that they have the skills to complete your project.

Even minor electrical projects around the home are accompanied by risks of injury and accidents. Without the skills, expertise, and knowledge, there is an increased risk of fire and property damage. So, a City & Guilds qualification provides the reassurance that your chosen electrician is capable of completing your project and mitigating any risks.

Choosing an electrician can be an overwhelming task, but you don’t need to worry about searching for qualified candidates. All our recommended electricians not only have the skills, experience, and expertise but are also City & Guilds qualified and certified by recognised industry organisations such as NICEIC and NAPIT. This means that you can have the confidence that your home is in good hands. 

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