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Full Commercial Electrician Service

Commercial applications can be far more complex compared to standard domestic electrical installation and repair, so you need the specialist attention of a full commercial electrician service.

So, here we’ll explore the topic further, so you have all the details needed to make an informed decision.

The Core Commercial Electrician Services

Experienced commercial should be able to provide a wide range of services, but the core services include:

So, whether you’re setting up an office, establishing a commercial kitchen or need to renovate your commercial premises, you’ll need a commercial electrician professional to carry out the work for you.

Energy Efficiency as a Priority

Most business owners appreciate that energy efficiency is an important factor in any electrical installation or renovation. Not only does energy efficiency reduce operating costs, but you can make your business greener.

Our recommended commercial electricians have expertise in energy efficiency practices and can help you with all aspects of your electrical needs. This includes the design and installation of lighting systems, so your business can enjoy energy efficiency without compromising on performance.

Certified Professionals

When it comes to commercial work it is vital you make sure the electrical company you use has been approved by a certified body to ensure the work meets government standards as otherwise you can face significant fines and in extreme cases prison.

This is why we’ve made sure every single one of our recommended electricians are fully certified by a government approved body, such as NICEIC, NAPIT etc, to ensure you’re in safe hands

With a certified electrician, the main aim is to ensure that your business is not only safe but legally compliant as they’ll be able to self certificate the work which minimises time and cost on having to arrange your local council to come and inspect the work.

All our recommended commercial electricians can run a project from start to finish to provide a complete package while being on hand throughout the installation to oversee any electrical services to give you the peace of mind needed.

3 Phase Expertise

Since commercial applications often rely on 3 phase power rather than the standard single phase used in residential applications, you need an electrician with 3 phase expertise.

This will provide your business with an installation that can handle the higher power requirements with different outlets and direct installation into the supply.

While this will require more detailed schematics and testing, it will also be more reliable and provide consistent power for your increased power demands.

All our recommended commercial electricians have 3 phase expertise to ensure that all your installation and maintenance needs are met.

Ensuring a High Standard of Service

Whether you’re installing a commercial kitchen or need power for an office full of printers, computers, and other equipment, our recommended electricians will ensure a high standard of service.

As commercial specialists, our recommended electricians appreciate that offices and other commercial locations have different power requirements compared to the typical home.

Commercial premises are likely to not only require a higher electrical load, but all the equipment is likely to be used simultaneously.

By appreciating this fundamental difference, experienced professionals will ensure a high standard of service, so you can have confidence that your installation can cope with whatever demands your business places on it.

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