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Full Domestic Electrician Service

Whether you need to have a faulty light repaired or need a complete rewire, you’ll need a full domestic electrician to carry out the work for you.

Why? In short, these electrical teams provide a professional service specialising in domestic electrics that meet safety and government regulations.

All our recommended electricians provide this type of service, but we’ll explore this topic a little further, so you have all the details needed to make an informed decision.

The Dangers of DIY

The main reason to consider a full domestic electrician service is for the safety of you, your family and your home.

Working with electrics can be highly dangerous, and even the most competent of DIY enthusiast should leave this type of work in the hands of the professionals.

Professional electricians have the skills, experience, and qualifications to ensure that any work is completed safely to avoid the risks of electric shock.

Unfortunately, even if you manage to complete the project without injuring yourself, there is still a risk to your home.

Poor electrics and wiring have been linked to a large percentage of home fires. Loose wiring and poor electrics can allow sparks to ignite the flammable materials inside your home, leaving you at risk of a serious fire.

The Hazards of Handymen

If you’re sensible enough to avoid doing electrical work yourself, you may consider hiring a handyman.

If you’ve hired someone in the past who has completed work around your home, you may think about allowing them to install a light fitting or repair a broken power socket. Unfortunately, this can also be hazardous.

Even if you hire an experienced handyman, they are unlikely to have the certification and registration associated with electrical industry bodies. This means that the work may not comply with local Building Regulations or current safety standards.

These standards have evolved over the years to maximise safety and protect the general public. This means that the standard practice for completing electrical work today is very different to ten or twenty years ago.

Failing to use a competent professional could not only cause damage to your home but may even invalidate your home insurance, so you need to be wary of cutting corners and hire an appropriate professional.

What a Full Domestic Electrician Professional Can Offer

As the name suggests, a full domestic electrician professional specialises in all domestic electric repairs and installations.

These professionals have the skills, experience, and qualifications to ensure that any electrical work in your home is completed safely and efficiently.

All our recommended domestic electricians can assist you with all aspects of domestic electrical issues from installing new electric sockets, burglar alarms, security lights, CCTV and heating through to providing electric to extensions and gardens.

Full domestic electrician services can also help with new lighting design and installation, garden lighting and power and rewiring. In simple terms, these professionals are able to assist you with any aspect of electrical installation and repair.

Additionally, since our recommended electricians are registered with the appropriate competent person schemes, they can also self certify any completed work to avoid the need for you to arrange an inspection with your local council.

So, whether you’ve been thinking about adding more plug sockets in your bedroom, installing garden lighting or have an electrical issue in your home, a full domestic electrician service can help you.

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