electrical fault finding

Understanding Electrical Fault Finding

An electrical fault that causes intermittent power fluctuations can be annoying at best and even dangerous or cause damage to your appliances in extreme cases.

There are many common reasons why the wiring in your home could have been damaged, such as corrosion, worn cables, torn cables, accidental damage (nails through wires), environmental damage, overloaded circuits and even electrical storm activity.

All our recommended qualified electricians will be able to identify these electrical faults and fix them and in this article we explain how this works and when you may need them.

Always Use a Qualified Electrician

When a problem arises in your home, it can be tempting to save some money and try to fix the problem yourself. However, electrical systems can be, and are dangerous to work on without formal training.

For this reason, you should always use one of our recommended electricians because they can carry out high quality electrical work safely. However, you don’t need to be a qualified electrician to notice that there is a problem with your electrical system.

Some common symptoms may include: melted switches, sporadic power outages, burning smells, flickering lights, repeated blown fuses and even green liquid around electrical connections.

These are all indicators that there is a serious electrical issue, don’t touch these surfaces, turn off the mains power and contact an electrician to your home quickly.

Make sure you inform the electrician of this kind of issue as they will prioritise you to see you as a matter of urgency.

Professional Electrical Fault Finding

A dedicated DIY enthusiast may have all the right tools to carry out repairs, but it’s still essential to correctly identify the problem and any underlying issues.

All our recommended electricians have years of experience in electrical fault finding, and they can often tell what’s gone wrong within minutes. Once the problem is understood, you will be advised on how to proceed, and if you give the go ahead, it can be quickly fixed.

A qualified electrician will have dedicated tools and equipment on hand to make your electrical system safe to use again. All of the work will be carried out in line with all of the BS7671 wiring regulations and in most cases the fix will be made the same day.

Carrying Out Electrical Safety Checks

When errors are fixed in high voltage systems strict fault finding protocols must be followed and appropriate preparations need to be made in advance.

Our recommended electricians will speak to you first to evaluate the damage caused and determine why the issue arose in the first place. Then it’s time to delve deeper and get to the root cause; this could be a simple case of bad wiring or something more extensive.

In every case, the electrician will troubleshoot the entire electrical circuit in your home to pinpoint any faults that need to be fixed. Then every possible source of the problem will be tested to evaluate a theory; every probability will be eliminated one by one until the likely cause is identified.

Once the fault is determine with your approval, an appropriate repair can be carried out to fix the problem. The electrician may even suggest other recommendations for upgrades or replacement equipment to prevent any future problems.

If you believe you have an electrical fault, we advise you to contact an electrician immediately for your own safety.  If you’d like to speak to our recommended electrician in your area. You can do so here.

Have an Electrical Fault?