Fuse Box Replacement or Repair

How to Make Sure You Have A Safe Electrical Consumer Unit

Many households in the UK still haven’t received professional fuse box replacement and repair, and you may find that you’re relying on old wiring.

For safety reasons, it is vital to consider calling in a professional, so here we’ll explore whether you need to get in touch and arrange a visit from our recommended electrician in your area or not.

So, let’s explore this topic further so you can determine if you need your consumer unit replaced or repaired.

Upgrading Your Fuse Box

Even if your consumer unit appears to be working as it should, if it has a plastic enclosure, it is critical to get it replaced.

According to London Fire Brigade statistics, fuse boxes or consumer units with a plastic enclosure put properties at a greater risk of a fire.

The London Fire Brigade recorded an increase in home fires between 2011 and 2014, and this was attributed to poor wiring practices that led to overheating of plastic fuse boxes, which then caught fire.

Fortunately, all our recommended electricians can easily install a metal clad consumer unit or fuse box adhering to the recommendations in the recent BS 7671 British Standard wiring regulations.

A new metal clad box will not only be able to handle your increasing electricity demands, but also pass the strict UK Building Regulations.

What’s Involved in a Fuse Box Replacement?

Before a fuse box is replaced, an electrician will inspect your system to ensure that everything is properly bonded and earthed. This will include all of the electric power distribution equipment currently in use in your home.

If there are any faults in the electrical installation, the fuse box replacement will need to be postponed until all of these issues are safely resolved.

A qualified electrician will also inspect your fuse box for any defects. This will allow the electrician to assess what work will be required for your replacement.

It may be necessary to replace any faulty circuit breakers at this stage to ensure that everything is operating safely and complies with all of the latest British Standard wiring requirements.

By choosing a certified electrician, you can also avoid some bureaucracy. Electricians registered with the relevant schemes can self certify the replacement of your fuse box and negate the need to visit your local council to notify them of the change.

This not only saves you time and stress, but you could avoid paying a hefty fee.

Fuse Box Repair

Even if your fuse box does comply with the industry regulations, it is still vital to ensure that it has not developed any repair issues.

Your fuse box is at the heart of the electrical distribution system of your home, so any repair issues should be diagnosed and corrected as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing any electrical issues such as breakers tripping, flickering lights or unreliable performance from sockets, it is worth having it checked.

All our recommended electricians can inspect your fuse box to determine if there are any issues and perform any necessary repairs to reduce the risk of injury or fire and ensure that you and your home is protected.

If you believe your fuse board is not up to regulation or have a tripping issue and would like to speak to our recommend electrician in your area.  You can find them here.

Need Your Fuse Box Replaced?