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What Does Using A NAPIT Certified Electrician Mean?

Finding reliable and trustworthy tradespeople can be an overwhelming experience.

Many people are wary of rogue traders and worry about the far reaching consequences of a poor installation that not only hits your bank balance, but put your family and property at risk.

Fortunately, there are certified government backed bodies that provide reassurance that your chosen electrician is committed to quality work and safety. So, in this article we’ll talk about one of them, The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT).

NAPIT Commitment to Safety

One of the key commitments of the NAPIT is high safety standards in the home.

For this reason, the NAPIT ensure that all their registered installers comply with strict entry requirements and that competence is regularly assessed.

The overall aim is to provide consumers with peace of mind that choosing a NAPIT registered tradesperson provides, as you can know that the person working in your home will comply with all the relevant industry safety standards and building regulations.

The Benefits of Choosing a NAPIT Registered Electrician

With NAPIT registered electricians, consumers have the assurance that the installer is able to not only complete the work safely but to all the legally required standards.

There is an assurance that the installer is regularly assessed to confirm their ongoing competence and that they will be working to the latest health and safety regulations.

Some NAPIT registered electricians are also certified under the CPS (Competent Person Scheme).

This allows the electrician to self certify the work carried out in your home to confirm that it complies with the relevant building and electrical regulations.

CPS allows your electrician to provide compliance certificates should you decide to rent or sell your home and notify the relevant authorities of the work completed, saving you the time and expenses involved in having to have a local authority inspector check for compliance of notifiable work.

Access to Government Incentives

Hiring a NAPIT certified electrician can also allow you to gain access to any Government financial incentives.

Schemes such as the Feed in Tariff (Fit), Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) or the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) can be easily accessed by your NAPIT tradesperson who is familiar with the scheme criteria and eligibility requirements.

Installers who are registered under the NAPIT renewables and energy efficiency schemes are also able to self certify work to save you even more time and money.

The Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed in Tariff offer attractive tariff rates that allow you to earn for the renewable energy generated on equipment such as wind turbines, solar panels or biomass boilers.

The ECO (Energy Company Obligation) means that energy suppliers are mandated to meet targets for the delivery of energy efficiency steps in British homes. In simple terms, this means that your household may be able to take advantage of offers such as free insulation or boilers as part of the scheme.

Identifying NAPIT Certified Electricians

NAPIT full scope installers are eligible to use the Registered Competent Person Certification Mark with the NAPIT logo.

This mark identifies firms that have been recognised by the industry and government as demonstrating the competence necessary to carry out installation work in homes throughout England and Wales.

Registered installers often promote these certification marks on their promotional materials, such as business cards, uniform, vans etc etc.

For peace of mind we show all certifications on each of our recommended electrician profiles and everyone of them have to be certified by a government back body like NAPIT.

If you’d like to see our recommended electrician in your area, you can find them here.

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