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CASE STUDY: Voltage Electrical Services

40% Increase in Work Month-in, Month-Out

17 Calls in 7 Days

Darren always had work coming in but his biggest issue was having some half days due to not having enough work to keep his team busy all day, every day which made it tough when having to cover the wages of 4 electricians so he wanted to increase his workload to have a full diary consistently to keep his team busy week-in, week-out.

He had tried a few different companies previously to help him which didn’t work out.

After helping Darren for 12-months, he is now generating enough work to keep his team busy all day, every day and so much so he has now grown from a 4-man team to a 7-man team.  

He has seen a 40% increase in growth month-in, month-out from the extra workflow we have managed to help him generate and is converting 95% of the work we are sending him into jobs.

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