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Signs Your Home Needs Chimney Repointing or Capping

Chimney masonry is essential to maintain the structure of both the mortar and bricks of your chimney. Chimney repointing is a crucial task to keep your chimney safe, but how do you know if your home is due for repair. So, here we’ll explore some of the key signs that you need to call us for help with your chimney repointing.

Worn Away Mortar

Adverse weather and aging can affect the soft motor filling the spaces between the bricks and stones of your chimney. The signs that your mortar joints are deteriorating include crumbling and eroding of the mortar or where it has been worn away; there could be a complete lack of mortar between the bricks. Chimney repointing involves replacing the mortar and filling in the brickwork joints with new mortar. Ideally, this should be completed in the warmer months so the mortar can correctly set up. However, if your home needs urgent attention, small repairs can be performed with an accelerant added to the mortar to allow it to set during the colder, winter months.

Cracks in the Mortar and Masonry

Another reliable indicator of a need for repointing is if there are visible cracks in the mortar or bricks. These cracks are often caused by wear or prolonged weather damage, but these cracks can accelerate the damage to the remaining mortar and bricks of your chimney, increasing the risk of a collapse. Repointing is necessary to replace any cracked mortar, but a partial tear down may be needed for more substantial repairs with more extensive damage.

Spalling Brickwork

Spalling brickwork is caused when moisture disrupts the brick structure. As the freeze-thaw cycle causes expansion of trapped water in the bricks, the brick structure is pushed outwards. Chimney repointing can help prevent further deterioration and reduce the risk of a collapse.

Chimney Capping

A chimney cap can play a vital role in the chimney system of your home. If your chimney doesn’t have a cap or it has become damaged, there are some significant reasons why you should consider calling us.

  • Moisture Reduction: Chimney caps help to keep rain from coming down your chimney. Stainless steel liners can be damaged; it can also affect the dampers and mortar joints. In addition to water damage, allowing rain to infiltrate your chimney can also encourage mildew and mould.
  • Prevent Animals Entering Your Chimney: Birds, squirrels and other small animals often try to make a home within a chimney. Unfortunately, when these critters enter the chimney, they may not be able to leave and will eventually die. This creates unpleasant odours, flies and even maggots inside your home.
  • Downdraft Blocking: When the wind is blowing in a particular direction, it can create a downdraft. This has the potential to blow back smoke from wood-burning fireplaces into your home. A chimney cap can help to block any wind induced downdrafts.
  • Prevent Embers and Sparks: Chimney caps are sometimes referred to as spark arrestors as they can help prevent any sparks or lit embers from travelling up the chimney. This is a potentially dangerous scenario where sparks can land on the roof to cause damage.
  • Prevent Build Up of Debris: Chimneys are also prone to a build-up of branches, leaves, twigs and other types of debris. This can compromise air flow and other ventilation problems. A chimney cap can prevent this debris from building up.

If you’re considering chimney repointing or capping, you can rely on us. Our recommended expert professionals would be delighted to assess your chimney and guide you through the repair options.

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