Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing - What You Need To Know

As experienced roofing specialists, our recommended professionals offer a full range of roof repair and restoration for any commercial roof. They understand the essentials of continuing to monitor the condition of commercial roofs and how important repairs and replacement is when required.

The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Roofing

While to the untrained eye a roof is simply a roof, but there are some major differences between residential and commercial roofing. Although damage to either form of roof can be costly, there are some differences that highlight why you need to choose a commercial roofing specialist for your business.

While the materials used for residential roofing can vary, typical commercial buildings tend to have flatter slopes and therefore need the appropriate materials for a quality installation. Commercial roofing materials include asphalt, tile, ceramic, slate or metal.

Another difference between residential and commercial roofs is the design. While the typical residential roof has a steep slope, commercial properties tend to have a lower sloping roof or an entirely flat design. These designs tend to need more maintenance and require larger space repairs of the sections that are installed. There are a few considerations involved in the typical design of commercial roofing including the need to cover a greater area and the weight of any equipment that needs to be housed on the roof.

While the typical residential roof is fairly easy to design and install; the only obstacles are usually the chimney, a commercial roof requires a skilled professional familiar with designing a roof around airflow systems, external piping, and smoke stacks.

Commercial Roofing Repair Issues

Commercial roof designs can be created with felt, asbestos, cladding and a variety of other materials. Unfortunately, none of these materials are impenetrable and can degrade over time. Whether your roof is affected by severe weather or has started to deteriorate even a small leak can be a serious disruption to your business. Although a water leak is problematic in a home, it can be disastrous for a business. Not only are you likely to have more costly computer equipment, but there is also the potential for expensive stock damage. Additionally, the repairs are likely to result in downtime that can make or break a small to medium enterprise.

Regular Maintenance to Prevent Problems

Maintaining your commercial roof can protect your investment and help you to retain the full value of your commercial property. Regular maintenance can help to keep your operation running smoothly throughout the year and provide you with the greatest cost efficiency. Although spending money on maintenance may seem like just another business expense, it can keep your property secure and your business watertight, regardless of the weather outside.

If you want to replace, repair or expand your commercial roof, you need a contractor you can trust. Our recommended experts are experienced and highly qualified roofing professionals with the skills and expertise to fulfil any size or scale requirements for commercial roofing projects. The team would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help keep any disruptions to a minimum during any type of commercial roof repair.

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