Is Flat Roofing the Right Choice for Your Home

Is Flat Roofing the Right Choice for Your Home?

Of all the various types of roofs for homes and other buildings, flat roofing is one of the most controversial. Flat roofs are commonly used on outbuildings and large structures, and each roof has its own challenges and needs. So, in order to determine if a flat roof is the right choice for your home, you need to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Flat Roofing

One of the most significant advantages offered with flat roofing is the cost. From the initial build and installation to the roofing materials commonly used, a flat roof is a relatively cheap option. Many materials used in the installation of a flat roof are very inexpensive, which makes it affordable for both installation and upkeep.

Another advantage of installing a flat roof is that you can make use of the roof space. You can plant a rooftop garden, create a living roof, or install solar panels. This can add valuable space to your property, particularly where outside space is limited.
In addition to being a more flexible exterior, flat roofing allows you to have a more versatile interior space. Without the sloping walls produced by a traditional pitched roof, you can create a finished attic or larger top apartment space. This is a fantastic option in a home where interior space needs to be maximised.

A flat roof also allows greater accessibility compared to a traditional sloped roof. This makes performing repairs, cleaning gutters or even installing solar panels or satellite dishes easier and less costly.

The Disadvantages of Flat Roofing

While flat roofing offers some fantastic advantages, you should also be aware that there are some potential disadvantages. The biggest potential drawback is a lack of drainage. Although a flat roof will drain, they are not as efficient for draining compared to any type of pitched roof. This means that water does have a tendency to pool and remain on the roof. This can eventually lead to leaks or materials breaking down, particular along any seams.

Another potential disadvantage is that there is a lack of options for roofing materials. Most flat roof installations use rolled roofing materials such as EPDM, rubber, bitumen or TPO. While these materials are relatively inexpensive, most have a lifespan limited to between ten and fifteen years. Rubber shingles can be installed with rolled rubber roofing to increase lifespan, and there are other new materials including PVC or polycarbonate roofing that can provide style options and can make the roof last longer.

However, these materials tend to be more costly, and due to the lack of history, it is difficult to predict the lifespan you can expect.

Is a Flat Roof Right For Your Property?

Flat roofing may not be the most stylish roof choice, but it does offer some unique advantages. If you’re still unsure whether a flat roof is the right choice for your property, you should speak to a reputable roofer. Our recommended roofing professionals would be delighted to assess your property and help you determine if a flat roof would be the right option for your property.

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