Common Reasons Why You May Need Roof Gullies and Valleys Repaired

Roof valleys and gullies are an integral part of your roof. These are channels running up and down the angles and “folds” of your roof. Unless you have a very simple roof design, you’re likely to have at least one roof gully or valley on your roof. Unfortunately, these areas are particularly vulnerable to damage, which can compromise the water tightness of your roof and put your home at risk of water damage. Here, we’ll explore some of the common reasons why your home may need roof gullies and valley repair.

Missing Shield

Properly flashed roof valleys should always have an ice and water shield. This should be installed with the roofing felt secured over it. If your shield is missing, it can allow water to infiltrate your home and cause damage. You can check if your roof has a shield by looking in your attic. Look through the spaces in the roof boards to see where the valley is located. If you have multiple valleys in your roof and all are missing shields, this can be a significant problem. Installing new shields will involve removing the tiles on both sides of the valley and replacing them after the shields have been installed. If you have an older roof or there are other areas of damage, you may need to consider a new roof. However, our recommended experts can advise you if a repair is feasible.

Old Tiles

Tiles do not have an unlimited lifespan, and as they start to age, cracks and fissures can be created that allow moisture to pass through. When new or well-maintained tiles create a water barrier, bit exposure to wind, snow, rain, and sun can allow the tiles to shrink, expand and break apart. Eventually, pieces of tile can be blown off or washed off your roof. When this occurs, the underlying roof materials are exposed, creating a real possibility of leaks and very costly problems. Since valleys and gullies are particularly vulnerable to weather damage, when your tiles are getting old, it is likely that you’ll need professional repair services.

Improperly Placed Nails

During installation, if nails are improperly placed, it can accelerate the aging process of tiles and other roofing materials. When roofing nails are left within the seam area of a roof valley, they can allow moisture to be drawn through. Additionally, if tiles or slates are nailed too close to the valley, tension is created, and this causes premature wear, cracking and tile failure. Roofing nails should be placed six to ten inches from the valley seam to reduce the pressure on all the roofing materials.

Accumulation of Debris

Roof gullies and valleys are prone to collecting leaves, twigs, tree branches, dirt, and even ice or snow. This accumulation of debris interrupts the natural downward water flow, and water will start to become trapped and pool. This leads to seepage and can encourage the valley or gulley materials to start to deteriorate. Removing the debris regularly will allow proper drainage and protect your roofing materials.

If you are unsure if you need roof gullies or valley repair, you can rely on us. Our recommended expert roofing professionals have a great deal of expertise in roof gully and valley repair. The team would be delighted to assess your roof to determine if your home would benefit from our repair services.

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