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Five Signs Your Home Needs Roof Replacement

Regardless of how long you’ve owned your home, you’re not likely to avoid roof replacement when it is needed. Like most aspects of your home, a roof can reach the end of its lifespan, or it can be affected by severe weather conditions or issues such as damp within your home. If you’re unsure whether your home needs a new roof, here are five signs that indicate a potential issue.

It Looks Old

This may sound obvious, but if your roof is starting to look tired and worn out, it’s likely that it needs to be replaced. A roof needs to withstand a great deal to protect your entire home, so it is no surprise that eventually you will need a replacement. The average lifespan for a standard roof is approximately twenty years, but this is only a guideline. So, if your roof is newer, but has started to develop issues, you shouldn’t rule out the need for replacement.

Excessive Moss

If there is a great deal of moss growing on and around your roof, it can significantly compromise the lifespan of your roof. Moss can have catastrophic effects on roofing materials, as it burrows between the materials and causes cracks. Not only can cracks create water damage, but the moss will soak up water, which can cause further leaks and water damage. If you see signs of moss growing on your roof, it is essential to have the moss removed and replace any damaged materials as quickly as possible.

Surface Holes

Even minor damage to your roof can allow water to penetrate through into your home. A slow drip can allow litres of water to soak into woodwork, plaster and other areas of your home, causing damage and encouraging the growth of mould and mildew. Therefore, it is crucial to check the surface of the roof to check it remains in good conditions. If there are any holes due to nails that have worked loose or screws that are missing, you need to address this immediately. You should ensure that you tighten screws or nails back in place and secure the area with quality sealing.

Water Damage

A roof is designed to withstand a variety of conditions from rain and snow to high winds, which all can impact the longevity of the materials. If your roof has water damage, you may need a full replacement, or it may be possible to repair the affected areas. If there is a significant amount of water damage, the repair costs can start to add up, so it is beneficial to have a fresh start with a brand new roof. An experienced, reputable professional can assess your roof and discuss which is the best option for your home.

Your Neighbours Have Replaced Their Roofs

There is a great likelihood that your home was built at approximately the same time as the surrounding houses. So, if you notice that your neighbours have started to replace their roofs, it may be time to consider one yourself. It is worth asking your neighbour if they are replacing their roof due to damage specific to their property, as this could give you a few more years before you need a replacement.

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