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Every Roofer Has Been Pre-Checked And Has Passed Our Thorough Qualification Process

Only ONE roofer per area is accepted.

Finding a good quality roofer is hard to come by these days. Knowing if they'll even have the experience to carry out the work, are reasonably priced, fully insured and will turn up when scheduled are constant concerns we all have.

That's why at My Trusted Expert we've made it our mission to find the one truly exceptional and trusted roofer per town that ticks all the right boxes and are up to date with the very latest building regulations to make sure your job goes smoothly.

They go through our thorough qualification process to make sure they meet all our expectations which only 5% succeed and once they become our expert we constantly monitor them to ensure they are always delivering to the highest possible standards.

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Paying A Call Out Fee With Our Roofers

The simple answer is no

Many roofers charge a flat rate call out charge regardless if they fix your problem or not.

We don't feel this is right. Why should you have to pay someone to come round and potentially leave you in the same position as you were before they even arrived. It's not right.

That's why we've made sure all our roofers do not charge a call out fee.

Meaning, they'll come round to have a look at your problem and if they can fix it they'll let you know the price to do it and its up to you if you'd like them to go ahead but if they can't they'll tell you there and then and you won't be charged.

The only exception to the rule is for emergency late night call outs. Meaning, if you have a leak and need someone round at midnight to take a look.

Apart from this one exception you should never have to pay a call out fee when using our roofing experts.

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Our Roofers Can Help You With Any of These Roofing Services

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Protecting You And Your Home When They Work

All our roofers MUST have public liability insurance

Roofers, builders, electricians, plumbers or any type of company that conducts work in a home or commercial space for that matter is required to have Public Liability Insurance.

This covers property related things like a broken window or any damage to your home by the company’s employees. Meaning, if they accidentally damage your wall while constructing their scaffolding or break your chimney whilst replacing a tile, their insurance will cover the cost to put it right and not you or your home insurance.

If the roofer you use doesn’t have this in place you put yourself and family dangerously at risk should something happen while they work on your roof.

That's why ALL our roofers have a minimum £2 Million Public Liability to ensure your safety.

To verify they have this type of cover, all our roofers have to provide us with their certificate or letter of acknowledgement by their insurer before they become our expert to prove they have public liability insurance and are fully covered.

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warranty guarantee

Providing A Warranty For Their Work

All our roofers provide a minimum one year warranty on repairs

Surprisingly, there's no law that requires a roofer to warranty their work for more than 30 days.

However, we believe warranties are a vital part when getting any roofing work done.

Roofers committed to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction should warranty their work for longer which is why we only accept roofers who offer a minimum of 5 years for new roofs.

Plus when supplying a new roof they'll warranty there work for the whole duration of the manufacturer warranty for the tiles. Meaning, they'll come out and fix/replace any tile free of charge during the warranty period.

This way you'll have the confidence of knowing your new roof is built properly and can be assured if any problems do occur, it won't cost you anything.

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Getting Your Roofing Job Done Properly

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Why Should I Choose Your Local Roofer?


    Each of our skilled roofing experts have gone through a rigorous qualification process where only 5% are accepted.


    We’ve made sure all our experts pricing is within industry standards so you never have to worry about over paying.


    Our roofers aim to get to you within 24 hours after speaking with you and in most cases sooner.


    Should our expert not be living up to your standards, let us know and we’ll step in to make sure things get sorted.


    We are responsive, 100% human and always go the extra mile for you. Just ping us a message, whenever you need us.


    All experts have been checked to ensure they have a minimum of £2 Million property insurance so you are fully protected at all times.

  • My Trusted Expert Guarantee

    If you are not happy, we will work closely with you and your expert to make it right.

What customers think of our roofers

Roofers Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 868 reviews
5 1

  • Plymouth Plymouth

    quote marksExcellent service. Having left an answer phone message Mr Smoker got back to me swiftly and came around to the house the following morning as agreed. Flat rate for the work and he did more than I asked for the same amount- real value for money. Will keep his card certainly


  • Crawley Crawley

    quote marksAbsolutely brilliant! Gary returned my call immediately when we started having water coming through the garage roof and came round later that day to temporarily fix it. He's come today to install a new roof and we're really pleased. Nice to deal with, so efficient and just easy as it should be. Will definitely use again if needed.


  • Sutton Sutton

    quote marksExcellent finished product. Impeccable timing. Clean and tidy. Very good communication and great flexibility. Always on hand if needed him. Accessible and always willing to go that extra mile. Could not recommend strongly enough


  • Epsom Epsom

    quote marksVery competitive prices, very reliable, courteous work force. An excellent job completed on time, very pleased and satisfied overall.


  • South Shields South Shields

    quote marksPhil's team is highly efficient and easy to approach with our requirement. Work is fantastically finished within 4 days for roof replacement. Keep everything neat and well organized. Also even communicated with solar panel company about temporary removal. Definitely would recommend to my friends.


  • Croydon Croydon

    quote marksI was very impressed with this company for many reasons - they quoted me a good price compared to other companies I had round, they got the job done quickly and to a really high standard and even did a few extras at no cost. They are a great, friendly team who I would 100% use again and recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Roofer

  • q-iconDo your roofers charge a call out charge?

    The simple answer is no.

    All our roofers will come round and have a look at the work you need doing. They will give you a price and then it is entirely up to you if you wish to use them going forward. There’s no obligation of any kind. It’s just the best way for them to see the work you wish to have done and give you an accurate price.

  • q-iconAre your roofers fully qualified?

    Yes. All the roofing companies we work with have been fixing and repairing roofs for 10+ years so have huge amounts of knowledge and experience dealing with pretty much any roofing issue so you can rest ensure you can ask them anything and they’ll be able to help.

    No matter if it is a simply job of replacing some broken tiles or a more complex job like a roof extension. They’ll be able to advise you on the best option to take to make sure your roof is constructed properly and to regulation.

  • q-iconHow quick can your roofers come out and see me?

    Typically they try to see you within 24 hours. Often if you call in the morning they can come round as soon as that evening.  It just depends on the time and day you call.  If you have an emergency then they can prioritise and see you quicker.

  • q-iconIf I request them to come round do I have to use your roofer?

    If you request for them to come round to see the work you require doing, it does not obligate you to use them in any way.

    They simply offer this as free service as a way to introduce themselves, give you a pin point estimate and let their expertise and price speak for themselves.

  • q-iconWhat is your roofers warranty on their work?

    You’ll get a minimum 1+ years warranty on large repair work fulfilled by them and up to 20 years warranty when getting a complete new roof.

    Meaning, whatever happens they’ll replace any tile or fix any problem free of charge in the unlikely event that quality issues arise from the work they have carried out.

  • q-iconWho are My Trusted Expert?

    My Trusted Expert make it easy to find the best local service expert in your area that have already been vetted and certified by us to guarantee you’ll receive quality products, a professional service and at the right price so you don’t have to waste hours searching hoping to find someone you can trust.

  • q-iconI have other questions about your roofing experts, can you help?

    Absolutely! You can ask us any question through our live chat which you’ll find at the bottom right of every page or you can send us a message through our contact page.

  • q-iconI don't need a roofer! Do you work with any other local tradesman?

    Yes. We work with multiple different tradesman all over the UK which you can search by going to our page here.

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