Electric Wall Heater installation

Electric Wall Heater Installation Considerations

Many people don’t consider electricity as a heating fuel, but electric heaters are available in most homes across the UK. However, electricity is more expensive than oil or gas, and it’s a fairly carbon intensive heating fuel.

The additional cost of electricity for heating is offset by a number of factors, such as convenience, cleanliness, cheaper off peak charges and heating technologies.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can get the most of out of having an electric wall heater installed and if it will be right for you and your lifestyle.

The Electric Storage Heater

One of the most common electric heaters used today is the electric storage heater. This makes good use of cheaper off peak electricity charges to minimise the heating costs.

The electric storage heater is heated up during the night, and then the heat is slowly released into the home during the day. This helps to keep the home warm around the clock whilst keeping the costs down.

The heat is released evenly, but there is no way to control the release unless you install a more expensive high heat retention heater.

The High Heat Retention Heater

An even more modern option for electric heating is the high heat retention storage heater. These heaters have better insulation, so they can store more heat, and this can be released when you need it.

Instead of a trickle of uncontrolled released heat from an electric storage heater, the high heat retention heater output is controllable. The heating output is fan assisted; a room can be heated faster or even kept at a cooler temperature if it isn’t being used.

This level of control can really help you to tame your electric bill, but this does come at a price, and you can expect to pay far more for each heater.

Using Smart Controls

We are seeing smart controls appearing on many affordable modern appliances, and electric heaters are no exception.

The latest electronic control systems on electric storage heaters will allow the user to set up their thermostat to turn off automatically when their optimum temperature is reached.

These types of smart heating controls will calculate automatically how much heat the heater will store overnight based on factors, such as daily weather patterns, previous heating usage, and the room temperature.

This level of control will allow the user to use their electric wall heater more efficiently without compromising on home comfort. Over time the higher purchasing costs will be offset by the additional savings made on the lower electricity heating bills.

The Electric Wall Heater Installation

It’s essential to use a qualified electrician to install or replace your electric wall heaters. Working with electricity always carries an element of risk, and it’s not a job for amateur DIY enthusiasts.

Our recommended electricians have all the training, experience and credentials, to carry out high quality electrical work safely. Plus all of our electricians are voluntary members of approved accreditation schemes to highlight that they are competent to work on your electrical systems and will meet all building regulations to give you peace of mind it will be installed safely.

If you’re thinking of having electric wall heaters speak to our recommended electrician in your area who can best advise you which heater to go for to accommodate your needs.

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