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Security Lighting and CCTV System Installations

Many householders worry about their home security.

Whether you have concerns about your home being unoccupied during the day or worry about your personal security at home, security lighting and CCTV systems can provide some reassurance. These systems are designed to deter burglars and maintain your peace of mind.

So, here we’ll explore a little more about these systems, so you can decide if they would be appropriate for your home.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is designed to detect any movement within a designated area using a motion detector and illuminate when needed. Depending on your property, there are several security light options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

There is a choice of floodlights, LED lights, induction lighting and even emergency lighting that can provide a comprehensive security lighting solution.

One popular option is dusk to dawn lighting.

This uses a sensor to detect the amount of light in the environment. As the sensor detects it is getting darker, it triggers the activation of the light. As dawn approaches, the surrounding light will trigger the lights to be turned off.

This removes the need to worry about entering your home after dark, and you won’t need to adjust any timers, particularly around daylight saving hours. Dusk to dawn lighting can be installed with energy saving bulbs to provide a cost effective and greener solution without compromising security.

CCTV Systems

CCTV or closed circuit television has been increasing in popularity in recent years. While it was initially limited to use by big businesses and the government, the technological developments and resulting cost reductions have made it a popular option for homes.

Today, there are CCTV systems that can be paired with apps, so you can monitor your home security from your smartphone or other mobile device. This means that if you are away from home, at work or even on holiday, you can receive an alert to activity around your home.

From covert, small cameras to the larger tilt and pan cameras, CCTV is an excellent deterrent and allow you to enjoy additional security around your home.

Choosing the Right System

With several different types of lighting and camera options available, choosing the right system for your property can be challenging. Fortunately, all our recommended electricians are ready to help.

They can perform a site survey to help determine your needs and the characteristics of your property and they’ll be able to recommend locations where lighting and camera installation would offer optimal security to ensure that your new system is effective.

While there are plug and play systems available, a professional electrician can calculate the appropriate angles and assess the property surroundings to ensure that the correct equipment is chosen and installed.

After all, there is no point in having a security light if it only illuminates your neighbour’s back garden and leaves you struggling to get your keys in the door because you can’t see in the darkness.

Likewise, your electrician can help you to determine the type of camera that is most appropriate to your home and guide you through the options such as remote viewing and app compatibility, so you can enjoy the reassurance of knowing your home has the right protection.

If you’d like to speak to our recommended electrician in your area about installing security lights and/or CCTV, you can find our electrician in your area here.

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