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Ridge Tile Fixing

The top of any pitched roof is usually sealed with ridge tiles. Whether you have a tiled or slate roof, ridge tiles site astride the roof apex to overlap the roof covering on either side. There are two common profiles for ridge tiles; angular or half round. Modern roofs often incorporate vents in ridge tiles, approximately every fifth tile along the length of the ridge. If a roof design features different ridge meetings, the ridge tiles are cut to create a uniform gap to allow a neat cement joint. Unfortunately, over time ridge tiles can become loose, particularly where mortar breaks down.

Signs You Need Ridge Tile Fixing

While roof tiles are designed to last for decades, ridge tiles are particularly vulnerable to damage. Adverse weather can affect ridge tiles, and this risk is amplified when the roof is weathered and old.

There are a number of signs that your ridge tiles may be damaged or the ridge tile mortar has started to break down. These include damp spots inside your home, mould on exterior walls, ceiling stains. In winter, you may even notice frozen nails or other fixings at the top of your attic.

Conventional or Dry Ridge Systems

If you need to replace your ridge tiles, you may need to consider whether you want to stick to a conventional installation or a dry ridge system. If your ridge tiles have suffered from a great deal of mortar damage, a dry ridge system may be preferable. Recent building regulations state that mortar should not be used as the sole means of ridge tile fixing, with mortar only applications restricted to specific repair jobs and on heritage properties.

Even before the new standards were established, the roofing trade had embraced the use of dry ridge systems. Dry ridge systems are easier to install and have lower maintenance requirements. Dry ridge systems feature mechanically fixed ridge tiles without the use of mortar. Although dry ridge systems tend to have a higher initial installation outlay, there is less maintenance required, making them a less bothersome option in the years to come.
Dry ridge systems have not been widely embraced throughout the industry, as some professionals believe the plastics may become brittle after prolonged exposure to severe weather conditions including excessive sunshine and sub zero temperatures. However, high quality dry ridge systems only use materials that have been tested for an assurance of fully UV resistance.

Ridge tiles are a crucial component of any roof. Since the ridge is the highest point of the roof, it suffers the most significant exposure to weather conditions including high winds, ice, snow, rain, and even hot sunshine. Therefore, you need to ensure that your ridge tiles are in good condition; offering a watertight seal for your roof to protect your home from damage.

If you have concerns about the state of your ridge tiles, you can rely on us. Our recommended expert roofing professionals can assist you with all aspects of ridge tile fixing and repair. The team would be happy to assess your roof and guide you through the most appropriate repair options.

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