CASE STUDY: All Services 4U

Shift in Enquiry Quality Boosts Profitability by 60%

10 Calls in 7 Days

Before partnering with My Trusted Expert, All Services 4U had explored various platforms to enhance business growth. Although these platforms provided some level of success, the results were mixed, and the impact on the company’s profitability and efficiency was not optimal. Despite receiving around 7,000 calls per month, the cost and quality of leads varied, affecting the overall profit margins and operational smoothness.

After collaborating with My Trusted Expert, while the number of enquiries remained steady, the source and quality of these enquiries shifted dramatically. The enhanced quality has led to an improved conversion rate, with about 4,000 to 5,000 of these calls turning into profitable jobs every month. This shift not only maintained their call volume but significantly increased the profitability of each job undertaken.

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