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Before partnering with My Trusted Expert, Electrical Living, under the steady hand of Matt Kilcoyne, had a strong foundation in serving regular customers but faced fluctuations in new customer enquiries. The company primarily relied on platforms like Check a Trade, which, while useful, led to inconsistent workloads — a flurry of activity one month and silence the next. With a dedicated team of four electricians and one office manager, Electrical Living was ready to solidify and expand its reach but needed a more reliable stream of new customers.

Since teaming up with My Trusted Expert, Electrical Living has seen a significant boost in new enquiries, doubling their monthly figures from about 15 to a robust 25-30. This influx has not only increased stability but has also broadened their clientele, tapping into new segments of the market they previously hadn’t reached. Remarkably, about 80% of these new enquiries turn into actual jobs, underscoring the quality and relevance of leads generated through My Trusted Expert. While the exact percentage of growth is still being evaluated, the increase in consistent job opportunities is a clear indicator of positive momentum.

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