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CASE STUDY: Tassie & Son Ltd

Doubling Enquiries to 30 A Month, Even in A Slow Market

15 Calls in 7 Days

Before joining forces with My Trusted Expert, Tassie & Son Ltd, led by Steven Tassie, faced the common challenges of generating consistent business leads. Their reliance on site referrals and local schemes like Trusted Trader and MyBuilder proved frustrating due to the high competition and low return on investment, leading to an unsatisfactory lead generation that hardly converted into actual jobs.

With a team that fluctuated due to market conditions, Steven found himself back on the tools more often than not, covering the workload himself. The business was navigating through rough waters, with initial enquiry rates hovering around 10-15 a month.

Since engaging with My Trusted Expert, Tassie & Son Ltd has seen a significant shift in their enquiry rates, doubling to about 30 a month, despite the currently slow market. This improvement has been a lifeline during tough economic times, where other firms have been downsizing or shutting down. Steven’s decision to collaborate with a partner who only charges based on successful marketing outcomes has paid dividends, providing a steady stream of leads without the financial risk.

While it’s still early days to quantify the exact growth percentage due to market variability, the initial results are promising. The company’s ability to maintain its operations and staff levels, while others falter, speaks volumes of the effectiveness of the strategic partnership with My Trusted Expert.

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