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CASE STUDY: FS Electrical Installations

20% Business Growth & 36 Additional Enquiries Per Month

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Before joining forces with My Trusted Expert, Frazer Sterland and his dedicated team at FS Electrical were navigating the competitive terrain of the electrical services market using traditional methods. With strategies ranging from posters and flyers to cold calling, FS Electrical was doing everything they knew to grow their business. Despite these efforts, the desired impact on their enquiry rates and business growth remained elusive. The team size stayed consistent, reflecting the challenge of expanding their operations in a meaningful way.

The collaboration with My Trusted Expert marked a turning point for FS Electrical. Breaking away from the conventional marketing maze, they witnessed an astonishing surge in new enquiries – an additional 36 per month, to be precise. This wasn’t just a fluke; 95% of these enquiries turned into actual jobs, underscoring the quality and relevance of leads generated through My Trusted Expert’s innovative approach. As a result, FS Electrical enjoyed an estimated business growth of 20%, a testament to the efficacy and impact of their new partnership.

In a landscape where getting noticed and generating leads is more challenging than ever, FS Electrical’s story stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to elevate their reach and success. Through their partnership with My Trusted Expert, they’ve not only increased their enquiries and business growth but also solidified their position as a trusted electrical service provider in their area.

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