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Before partnering with My Trusted Expert, D.E.I.S Ltd, led by Paul Asquith, had never ventured into external business growth strategies. Operating with a strong team of 12, D.E.I.S Ltd managed to secure around 20 enquiries per month through their usual channels. The team size and the foundational business model were solid, but Paul knew there was potential for more.

Since engaging with My Trusted Expert, D.E.I.S Ltd has seen a remarkable transformation in their enquiry rates. From a steady flow of 20 enquiries, they’ve skyrocketed to 40-50 new enquiries monthly. This increase has not just been in quantity but also in quality, with a stunning 90% of these enquiries turning into actual jobs. This influx has boosted the company’s business growth by an impressive 30%.

The secret to their success lies in the efficient and responsive communication system we run. Unlike other services, charges are only incurred when either a job is confirmed or a quote is booked, not merely for calls or tentative leads. This model has proven extremely cost-effective and efficient, fostering trust and reliability between D.E.I.S Ltd and My Trusted Expert.

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