CASE STUDY: Forbes George Ltd

25% Growth in 6 months

18 Calls in 7 Days

Meet Nic Forbes-George, the dynamic force behind Forbes George Ltd. 

Before partnering with My Trusted Expert, Nic’s approach to advertising was minimal, relying mostly on word-of-mouth and the solid reputation of his business. 

His team of 6 was compact, skilfully handling the workload. Despite their expertise, they were only scratching the surface of their potential, with a modest number of enquiries each month.

The collaboration with My Trusted Expert marked a significant turning point for Forbes George Ltd. The number of monthly enquiries surged, with an impressive 80% of these quoted jobs turning into actual projects. This influx wasn’t just about quantity; it often led to further, more substantial works. Nic’s team expanded with 2 further electricians, accommodating the increased demand and diversifying their services.

The most telling figure? A solid 25% growth in business in 6 months of joining forces with My Trusted Expert. This growth isn’t just in numbers; it’s in confidence and reach. Forbes George Ltd is now pioneering a new plumbing/heating division, primarily fuelled by the robust stream of work flowing from My Trusted Expert.

In summary, Forbes George Ltd’s experience with My Trusted Expert showcases a remarkable journey of growth and transformation. The partnership has not only elevated their business volume but also expanded their horizons, paving the way for new ventures and sustained success.

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