Plumbing and Heating Lead Generation Case Study

CASE STUDY: Heat Home Services

From 30 to 100 New Enquiries A Month

48 Calls in 7 Days

Before Heat Home Services teamed up with My Trusted Expert, the company, led by Patrick O’Donohue, was navigating the heating service industry with a steady but limited scope. Operating with a compact team of two, the company managed to handle 30-40 new enquiries monthly.

However, despite their dedication and skill, they hadn’t explored many avenues for business growth. It was business as usual, with a consistent but not expanding customer base.

Since partnering with My Trusted Expert, Heat Home Services experienced a tangible shift in their business trajectory. The number of monthly enquiries skyrocketed from 30 to an impressive 100, a significant leap from their previous average.

This influx didn’t just mean more phone calls; it translated into real business growth. About 30-40% of these new enquiries turned into actual jobs for the team, boosting their business volume by an impressive 20%. What’s noteworthy is that this growth was achieved without expanding their team, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the customers provided by My Trusted Expert.

Patrick’s journey with My Trusted Expert is a testament to the power of quality customer generation and its impact on a business, big or small. Heat Home Services’ story is one of focused growth, efficient resource utilisation, and the importance of reliable industry connections.

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